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“The city’s most inspiring place to study yoga” 
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“Easily Bangkok’s best studio”
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“The most respected yoga studio in the city”
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Yoga Elements is yoga, breath, and meditation based on solid research into the mind, body, and communication. We assist individuals and groups to develop awareness, discover their potential, and cultivate a healthy body-mind. Our unique teaching approach makes for deep and transformative learning experiences and meaningful self-discovery. Yoga Elements practice is yoga guided by the felt sense of the body, movement, and language. We eschew dogma and absolute rules and instead look for what is possible for each individual. Our methodology and attitude is woven through each and every class, workshop, or training.

Starting as a yoga studio in Bangkok in 2001 we quickly became well known and loved throughout the region for high standards in teaching. Founder Adrian Cox is a dedicated practitioner and gifted teacher who blends yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and trance to create holistic experiences of body-mind. Adrian runs Yoga Elements workshops and trainings throughout the world and have certified many teachers throughout Asia, Europe, and the US.

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