Ladies with the same vision and passion. Fresh organic produce. Wholesome foods. Natural chemical free ingredients. Put them all together and we give you a growing list of products that range from organic vegetables and teas to natural household products. Simple needs, wholesome products. That’s what we aim to provide our customers so that healthy living is not difficult but sustainable. In a nutshell we are your own neighborhood health store. We seek out the finest products and ingredients globally and our organic produce is internationally certified by reputable organizations such as IFOAM, USDA, EU.

With the scarcity of actual certified organic produce, Radiance Wholefoods is now working with helping some local farmers up-country by providing natural and pesticide-free fresh vegetables and fruits. We are supporting a community of local farmers whereby our sales are helping them to purchase good quality seeds and equipment, which in turn allows them to grow pesticide-free fresh produce. This community of farmers is located up in Northern Thailand whereby they practice GAP (Good Agricultural Practices). This method of farming uses soil with no pesticides. Only natural means of pesticides are used in the crops.



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