Health is something I’m deeply passionate about, making conscious choices about what we put into our body and not restricting ourselves. After all for me life is a balancing act with my business I hope to create sweet treats for people that are health conscious but still want to be able to have options that allow them to sustain their healthy lifestyle without the guilt. My business is something very personal to me because its something I deeply believe in. In the last couple of years I have made alot of changes in my own personal life, by changing my whole lifestyle and food choices I have gained a life beyond my wildest dreams both health wise and spirituality wise. As I believe it all links by seeing health as a 3 fold layer emotional, spiritual & physical we are able to view food in a different way allowing ourselves to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle it makes it much more sustainable then just eating healthy to loose weight or ‘look good’. I focus on variety and providing something for everyone at premium healthy baked goodies I provide savoury breads, sweet breads, tarts, cookies, energy bars, cakes & all other sweet delights. I have vegan options, Gluten free, Dairy free, low carb and I don’t use any Refined sugar in any of my goodies. I use premium quality ingredients as I believe what we put in our bodies is so important and I would never compromise that as I only want my clients to have the best. Each product of mine is made by love and with care by me to the hands of my clients. I believe everything done with love is done well.

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