Say hello to a new body – a more sculpted, leaner, fitter you.

Situated in the beating heart of Thonglor, one of Bangkok’s most vibrant and up-and-coming areas, our chic loft-style studio provides a comfortable haven in which to work off the stresses of your day.

More than just a great form of exercise. Make Pilates part of your fit and healthy lifestyle.

A fun and exciting journey to that lean, sculpted body you’ve always learned for, Pilates is full of variety with exercises suitable for beginners and elderly people as well as people who already follow an exercise regime.

Whether you’re trying to keep young and healthy, working off an injury, or just needing to relax and destress, Pilates Plus will work with you to find the perfect program to achieve your goal. Whichever classes you take or exercises you perform, you will always find that working with our highly-qualified, dedicated teachers will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Regular Pilates workouts will reward your dedication with a leaner, healthier and stronger body, and a calmer, stress-free mind.

Our loft environment is your playground to fitness, enhanced with Reformers, Cadillac (Trapeze Table), Ladder Barrel, Combo Chairs, Hot Mat Pilates, Magic Circles, Foam Rollers and other equipment all designed to vary your workout and keep your fitness adventure exciting. Our experienced and devoted trainers will ensure that you leave us positive in mind and body. Whether you are recovering from an injury or just want to keep yourself young and healthy, Pilates Plus can help you do it in style.