A natural way to improving your health.

We pride ourselves in being primary to adopt the cold pressed centrifugal separation technique in Thailand.

Achieving this, we are able to obtain a more tender, softer and fresher coconut aroma with no aftertaste and especial light texture for effortless digestion.

Moreover, we use a process that prevents fermentation and helps to retain the naturally smooth and sweet flavor of this highly nutritious food.

Under hygienic conditions and constant quality controls ,Our factory was designed in closed room system which in accordance to GMP rules and regulation.

Nuttarin is dedicated to manufacturing only extra premium quality 100% virgin coconut oil (VCO) guarantees by institutes of organic certificated both USDA and EU standard.

We aim to be a top class manufacturer of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in Thailand and export through worldwide.

With an endorsement by Food & Drug Administration of Thailand and GMP standards show the ultimate determination in high and excellence quality towards clients