Lisa has always been a health fanatic from a young age.

She believes in the holistic approach, meaning that she takes each person’s body, mind, spirit, and emotions into consideration when helping others on their journey to optimal health.

She followed her passion and did a Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Nutrition and minoring in Food economies and society in New Zealand.

She wanted to combine her knowledge in nutrition with fitness and started her fitness career by becoming a certified Zumba instructor, then went ahead and became an internationally certified NASM personal trainer.

She works to help individuals overcome body image issues, mend poor relationships with food and guides you on the right track to living a healthy, happy and active lifestyle.

She has knowledge in maternal and child nutrition, nutrition for the ageing population and sports nutrition. She believes in sharing her knowledge with others and wants to help individuals become the best versions of themselves.

She is currently working as a freelance trainer and nutritionist in Bangkok and works on menu development for both cafes and clients, inventing recipes to meet specific dietary requirements.