Yoga in its many forms has played a fundamental part in my fascination and enthusiasm for wellness and has become an aspect of who I am. Through my practice over the years, I have learned to use yoga as a tool to calm my mind, regain balance and invite peace into my being.

Why do I believe in the art of yoga so passionately? Because I have experienced the benefits for myself. After beginning my yoga journey over a decade ago, I noticed uncomfortable feelings that had been living within me start to dissipate, along with aches and pains and most importantly for me, my general feelings about my body changed in a positive way. I started feeling less lethargic and I became accepting and more content with my natural state. The sense of rejuvenation that I acquire from all styles of yoga is what inspired me to become a yoga teacher.

It is my aspiration and mission to share my learning, experience and passion that I have cultivated and developed on my yoga mat over the years with others. One of the most important lessons for me has been learning how to tune in and listen to the voice within that tells me what feels right for me and what works for my body. With this in mind,  I like to work with the natural energy of my clients/ classes and create a flow that is tailored to them.

My classes often involve Yang and Yin yoga to promote balance. I like to build heat with a strong vinyassa flow followed by a calm, rejuvenating cool down  to work deeply into the muscles to release tension and any stagnant energy.