Protein that is organic,
clean and wholesome,
free from preservatives and additives.
Oh and no sugar, isn’t that sweet.

We start at the beginning.

By focusing on where our protein comes from, to ensure you receive the highest quality, organic product possible.

Whey protein sourced from farmers that believe in the welfare and humane treatment of their animals. Animals that graze on grass, and live a life free of nasties.

Vegetarian protein that is sourced from the depths of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Protein that is formulated and balanced by nature.

Nothing to hide.

Free from preservatives and additives. You won’t find any soy protein, GMO, chemicals, artificial sweeteners or flavours. No vegetable oils and fats, milk solids, skim milk powders, caesins or gums. Oh, and no sugar. Isn’t that sweet.

Everything to show off.

Certified Organic and low in fat and carbohydrates, this is pure, healthy protein; to keep you fit and lean, healthy and strong, to support training, mental clarity, and everyday life. Full of antioxidants, Omega-3 and amino acids. The benefits of superfoods, and essential vitamins & minerals. Made in Australia with a worldly conscience.

Protein that is organic, clean and wholesome.

How it should be.

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