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HealthBox is a customized meal program by a nutritionist based on your individual needs.

HealthBox came about because a group of friends found it very hard to eat healthy food in Bangkok on a regular basis. We were either too busy to spend the time preparing the food or were confused as to which foods and suppliers were in fact healthy. A great deal of our frustration was that we just did not know or have the confidence that what we were eating was indeed good for us or if health claims were true.

The solution was forming HealthBox , which makes eating healthy an enjoyable, easy, affordable, convenient and yummy experience.

We hope you agree.

HealthBox Programs

Healthy Eating: This program is designed to give you a balanced diet and a range of healthy nutrients that we may miss out on in our normal eating habits.

Weight Control: Designed with ingredients and portions that help to speed up your metabolism and keep your calorie intake below that used on a daily basis by an average Thai person.

Fitness Training: This program offers higher protein ratio than our regular meals. It is suitable for those who would like to build up muscles.

Vegetarian/Vegan: This program is for those who only eat vegetarian or vegan food. You can specify which type of vegetarian you are i.e. vegetarian with eggs and dairy or vegan. You can specify products that you don’t eat.