Large variety of Thai, Indian, Eastern & Western Food
Veggie Lasagna with Spinach,
Veggie Burgers made from home-baked wholewheat,
Spaghetti with ‘Meat’ Ball,
Falafel Hommus Tahina & Salad with Pitta,
Aloo Gobi with Dal and Rice,
Herbal Teas, Jiaogulan Tea, Mangosteen Juice, Mint Tea with Lemon, Kombucha Tea and much more.

Blissful Atmosphere

Big Comfy Cushions, World Music, Soft Lighting, and Friendly Staff

Our play list is constantly updated with fresh aural treats carefully chosen to bliss you out. Lounge and World music is the theme.

Travel Library: We have a good collection of books including Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and lots of useful information for travelers.

Free WiFi 12Mb Fast Internet Connection, AC power available at all tables.