Mission Statement

Eat and Train Cafe utilize scientific evidence based on training and nutrition

Concepts and Philosophy

We believe that there is not one program that fits all. Each individual has his/her own needs and capabilities. We offer you the optimal plan based on scientific evidence to improve your performance and movement quality; increase of muscle and fat loss will also be tangible results.

Our Services

1-1 Coaching
Individually customized training plan for your physical, needs, motivation and goals

Fitness and Nutrition Content Creator
Create video content, write articles and public speaking to share the knowledge and motivates other for better health

Corporate-Wellness Program
Customized training plan that suits the needs of employees for better workplace

Online Coaching
Can not make it to our studio, no problem! Personalized training plan, calories and macronutrients to meet clients specific goals

Group Coaching

Train with others and motivate each other to push level of fitness and performance

Sport Specific Coaching
Specific training plan base on your sports physiology and biomechanic to enhance performance

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