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DNA Bliss (formally known as DNA Healings) is established by Victor Singh, Bangkok’s leading Spiritual Coach with over 8 years of experience. DNA Bliss is your go-to source to connect and balance your body as a whole (spiritual, mental, emotion, body, mind and soul) through various holistic treatments.

Origin of the name DNA Bliss comes from our core belief & scientific evidence that the energy of happiness can shift our DNA which in turn, enhance our body, heart, mind, soul and life itself. Our DNA have an amazing ability to program feelings that have been passed on from our previous generations, blockages from our family and even carries memories of the reincarnation cycle.

With that in mind, we mindfully offer 3 types of treatments including Reiki, Crystal Healing, Regression & Counselling Therapy to shift & adjust the DNA in our body so that it  is reflected positively in the daily life.  Moreover, we also offer products and various courses that you can partake in order to carry the beautiful power of healing with you and utilize it infinitely.

Each healing tools are designed and can intuitively guide you to a deeper understanding of your body, connect with yourself in order to be in that blissful state of life in all areas. Here at DNA Bliss, we believe in healing with integrity, trust that you are in good hands and trust that your body and life CAN change.

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