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Dare to Disconnect?

Digital technology has transformed our lives and it’s here to stay. Are we all using this technology in healthy and positive ways? No matter how much screen time we have each day, we can all benefit from taking a break every now and then.

Why Digital Detox?

Our premium mindfulness retreat exists as a space for guests to reflect, recharge and reconnect with themselves and others. Situated in Thailand’s beautiful Khao Yai National Park, this life-changing, tech-free experience will empower participants to transform their lives in positive and enjoyable ways.

The Resort

The resort is equipped with nearly 100 luxury rooms, each with the following features:

Self-contained, spacious rooms
Two rooms and two bathrooms
Fridge, kettle and kitchen
Hot water showers and bathtub in one room
Air-conditioners in each room
Balcony and living space
Views of beautiful garden space

The resort has a number of other fantastic facilities:

Large open-air community space where many of our sessions take place
Swimming pool and deck chairs
A communal indoor air-conditioned meal room
Lush green fields for enjoying the open air
Outdoor camping facilities including a campfire
Public toilets around the grounds
Paved well-lit paths