BIGBOX was originally a storage facility which has not been used for a long time. Was released desolate and empty unfortunately. But with the vision of the executive. The potential of the location. With the love in Muay Thai. This is a national martial art. And the benefits of training Thai boxing. This makes a big improvement from the old warehouses to the modern, clean, comfortable, convenient and well-trained gymnasiums. Entrepreneurs, artists, actors, students, students, the general public. To professional athletes. As a modern man of the management team. And love sport Muay Thai. Make every area But here are the cares. You have to impress until you want to use the service again.

BIGBOX is a clean place to exercise. Spacious living space to accommodate all visitors over 3000 square meters. Located in the heart of Bangkok, Rama 4. Travel by private car or bus.

BIGBOX offers private trainers. You can design your own time. Privacy Suitable for people who do not like the chaos. And limited time

BIGBOX has experienced trainers in all aspects of teaching. Like weight loss Muscle building Practice for competition And most importantly, it can be applied to the defense.

BIGBOX We have been praised for the excitement We have been trusted by famous people both at home and abroad. Come to our service and recommend our place.

BIGBOX has been praised for its value for money. We charge the service according to the needs of the users. Both use the service once. Monthly service Or annual membership

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